Daddy Daughter Date Night

In my sorority, we had parents weekend. Tonight was Daddy Daughter Date night and I invited my real dad. It was a fun event with my sisters and dad. We had lasagna, brownies, rolls, and chocolate chip cookies. There was also a game time where I experienced the game “5 second Rule” which is a game that you have a timer (that actually runs 4.5 seconds, according to an iPhone time) and you get a card and you have to name 3 things that matches the category. The catch: if you can’t guess three in 5 seconds, the person to the right of you goes and they can’t say any that you already named. So some were hard because one question was Name 3 states that have a coast to the Pacific Ocean. There are only 5 so after we had two people go that each named two..the third person basically had to say one that was already said because you can’t make up a state. Ha. But it was fun. And my dad, or any of my parents really, have been involved in my sorority activities so it was interesting. Plus, dad picked me up and dropped me off and walked me to the door like he used to do before I had a car and so it brought back memories and also added new ones by adding my big and other sisters. 🙂 Awesome Night!

With Love,



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