Men’s Eyes on Women


I found this painted on the construction walls at my University.

I think this is a very accurate depiction of how people view others. I am not sexist, but I know that many men, when they see a woman, they look first at her boobs rather than her face. I wish it weren’t true but it applies to many people. There are shirts out there that have writing on them that says “My eyes are up here” with an arrow pointing up. So, whomever drew this, knows exactly what he or she is talking about. I wish I could meet this person. I wish I could meet this wonderful person who sees how the world is exactly. The world isn’t so bad if one person understands how society is. If only more people could understand it too.



One thought on “Men’s Eyes on Women

  1. I wonder sometimes how much the boob obsession is a cultural thing. I know that our obsession with thin women is definitely not something that we come pre-programmed with. In other cultures, obesity is the ideal form.

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