What if you had one year left to live?

Today, at church, there was a prayer request for a 23 year old girl who was diagnosed with Urinary Cancer and was recently given the prognosis that she only had one year left to live. I honestly don’t know how I would handle that news. Apparently, she is kind of in denial because she is having a Hysterectomy to see if it would help and instead of being “oh my gosh I only have a year left to live” she is only thinking “How am I going to have kids?” but when they asked her what she meant by it, she just stated that her thinking was stemming from the fact that she was having a hysterectomy..Her parents’ are worried because she isn’t realizing that she doesn’t have enough time left to be thinking about kids.. She may be in complete denial or she could have some premonition that she is going to live past a year..

I don’t know how I would handle the news of having one year left to live. I really don’t. I procrastinate so much in my life and I don’t think about stuff until the day of or the day before that I would probably make a bucket list then forget to do everything on it.. ha.. But seriously, I guess I would be in denial too though. I am a woman, so that means, I would try to change the outcome because it wasn’t what I wanted.. (Women do that a lot…ha). 

But really, how does one handle that kind of news?

Do you make a bucket list and try to do everything on it?

Do you make amends with everyone that you are at odds with?

Do you tell people or do you just hide it?



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