So Much, Too Little Time

This semester of classes really took my time. I have never been so stressed or so busy in my college career. Last semester I was busy with the sorority but I didn’t have busy classes so it wasn’t so bad. But this semester, the sorority stuff died down, but my classes kicked in! There are just sooo many things I want to do but I never have time for them! So, I figured I would make a list so that when the semester is finally over, I can look back on this post and check off all these things that I plan on doing them in the summer.

  • Scrapbooking
  • Crafting (Pinterest Stuff)
  • A picture a day (I bought an app to help with this. I have yet to use it for a week)
  • Coding
  • Photography (just taking pictures)
  • Writing (I love to get Prompts to write from)
  • Researching (I really love researching topics that I am interested in)
  • Traveling (I don’t have time or money for it)
  • Seeing Concerts (I love watching concerts!)
  • Working Out (Another app I bought to help do this :/)
  • Geocaching (I love to travel and find stuff)
  • Reading (I used to read daily and last year I read 100 books between January and February!)
  • App development (I have an idea for an app and I want it to come alive)
  • Collecting (I have all these things that I collect.. I want to make the collections more abundant!) (I collect: keychains from concerts, smashed pennies, jump drives, and coozies)
  • Design (make my own images on photoshop to use on here as well as my own website)
  • Organize (I want to know every piece of clothing I own. I also want to figure out all the movies and books I own. I want to also organize my room/closet to make sure my room is all nice and neat.)
  • Learn Calligraphy
  • Make my own jewelry (pinterest again.. ha)

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