When You Love Someone

1. You seek their company (spend time with them)

2. You talk for hours (talking and listening)

3. You pray for them

4. You think about them

5. You become best friends

6. You discuss issues of life

7. You have a servant’s heart about them

**You will love the ones you seek out.**


When what you do becomes a habit or duty, the love wanes. 


Stated above is a list that was made in my small group at Church. 

I realized that I do love people (friends) but I don’t do all that is required for loving someone. I also realized that the ex that I am still in love with, I remember him mentioning how talking to me became a habit and maybe that’s why he quit loving me. We would talk for hours but we didn’t spend any time together, physically. I claimed he was my best friend but I wasn’t his towards the end. I’m slacking in my duties to my friends that I love. 

But this works with any relationship that you have: parents, friends, siblings, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, grandparents, mentor, etc. 

Do you feel as if this list is correct? Would you add anything else to it? Comment below on your thoughts. 


4 thoughts on “When You Love Someone

  1. why did he quit loving you ?? I’m sorry to hear that… I am in love with my best friend but he have not spent much time together cause he lives in a different country! But he is coming here soon ~ I pray things will go well … I’m leaving it up to god ! I wish you all the best on your journey ❤

    • No idea.. but we are off and on so he has said it before.. the hardest thing is not knowing whether I should move on or wait. How did y’all meet? I hope things go well with you too! Yeah, I swear every prayer mentions my x.. lol Thank you! 🙂

      • We met in the Philippines , he came here to play for the Korean national team during the FIBA games. He’s a pro basketball player we met and became super close friends I would talk to him about everything – I wasn’t expecting to fall for him at the time I was still getting over my ex – it’s been almost a year since we been talking and it’s crazy cause I normally get bored ! I mean you have to be able to spend time and grow together , that is the real foundation of a relationship. So it’s scary cause we have not had that but the longer I know him the stronger my feelings get- he is just such a beautiful person. We plan to see each other soon! I’m nervous but he’s really excited. At this point in my life I just pray god will give me the right man~ I been single long enough and I decided to let go and let god work in his way! Cause when I choose them ~ it doesn’t last. I will just leave this up
        To him as well! he had to come back here by chance.. So I feel that was a
        Sign. 🙂 I hope you find the perfect man for you ! ❤

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