Single and in my 20s!

I recently read an article that mentioned how it was important to enjoy life being single and in my 20s. Since Adam and I aren’t getting back together right now and I am 21, I am planning on enjoying this. I’m at the beach right now, so this week, I am planning on going Parasailing and then seeing what else I can do. When I get back home, I plan on going to the tanning bed to get a tan.. (I burn easily) And I wanna cut my hair a little bit and darken it but Mom is being stubborn about the hair.. But I plan on doing stuff that I can’t really do with a boyfriend. I want to enjoy this. Go on dates. Not stick with just one guy. I wanna better me. I wanna do a whole bunch of Stuff that is on my bucket list. Yes, I have a bucket list. (My family actually laughed when they found that out.) I wanna work out and get in shape. I wanna stay in shape. I wanna expand the things I try.

So far, since I’ve been single, I have done or want to do: (this will be a running and updated list.)
Eat Lamb
Get Tan
Cut and Color hair
Get Drunk
Get in Shape


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