My first poem…

You told me once—
You told me once that, you loved me with all your heart.
But not long ago, you tore me apart.
You told me once that, I was the girl you wanted to marry.
How can you say that to me if you only planned on us being temporary?
You told me once, our future kids’ names.
But now I feel like you were just playing games..
You told me once, how I made you happier than you had ever been.
Playing me like a fool, should be your biggest sin.
You told me once, that you were dumb for letting me go.
But now I’m left with all this misery and woe.
You told me once, you would never hurt me.
That we were meant to be.
You told me once, how you couldn’t wait to talk to me when you got off work.
Now, I’ve seen, I’ve fallen, and can’t get over, a jerk.


Quilting, a 9 year boy, an elderly man, and a trillion trillion trillion dollar lawsuit!

I am learning how to quilt! It’s so complicated.. Nana took me to the store to buy some quilting stuff and it cost $50 and she was like “you better use this stuff and not quit since it’s costing me this much”… great.. no pressure! 



1) I love when I hear about people who are doing something right in the world! Like this 9 year old who decided to open up his own animal shelter in his garage and he has raised so much money that the town is now building an animal shelter. 

Ken’s mission is simple and straight-forward: “The official at the pound said most dogs are put down because only 20-30% of owners claim their dogs, and no animal welfare organization is doing something about it. I want to save as many of those dogs as I can from being killed for no reason.

Ken says, Some very kind people who saw these pictures donated money to help me care for the dogs. We got enough money to get the dogs I was feeding off the street, feed them high quality canned food, and provide them with veterinary care. They gained a LOT of weight, their open wounds healed, and their fur grew back. They also learned not to be scared of humans.

The full story is here!

2) Here is another story of some good people! 

A man who was diagnosed with leukemia, loves walking his dog. But since he was diagnosed, he gets tired easily when he walks. So his neighborhood starting setting chairs in their yards or driveway for him to have a place to sit if he needed it on his walks. That is the sweetest thing ever! I love old people and I would have definitely been the person to have started this incredible trend! 

Read the full story here! 


The stupid news! 

I find it hilarious some days when I hear about people doing stupid things. So here is your stupid news of the day! 

A Manhattan man is suing the city of New York, along with a coffee chain, a New Jersey university, and an airport, for $2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. 

Anton Purisima filed his two undecillion dollar lawsuit (that’s $2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) last month, after his middle finger was supposedly bitten and infected by a “rabies-infected” dog on a city bus. A “Chinese couple” took photos of him without asking, and he’s routinely overcharged for coffee at LaGuardia Airport. (This is apparently related to the dog bite.)”

Read this crazy full story here! 




Gimp, Designing, and Javascript!

I am learning how to use Gimp because I cannot afford photoshop. I am having the hardest time trying to find tutorials that teach me how to make borders on gimp. Also, Gimp is so confusing that the world of tutorials is very limited and so it makes it harder on me, a newbie, learning gimp.

I am also trying to find out how to create a website layout in Photoshop/Gimp and then code it in html. I know html, I just do not know how to create a layout and then code it.

I also am struggling to learn Javascript too! It is sooo confusing! I love coding but Javascript is so intricate and there are a lot of things to know and remember. I feel like I need a cheat sheet for it. 

Every Monday = New Post

I decided I would make it a habit to post every Monday. If it happens I make it on Monday and another day, that’s fine.. As long as I have one on Monday! So that said, let’s get down to what I’m talking about today!

My summer has just begun! I took my last final Friday and so now I am trying to figure out how to make my summer as productive as I can. I don’t plan on being a lazy bum this summer. I can’t even tell you what I did last summer. But I want to get a lot of things done this summer. So I am going to start out learning calligraphy and learning java script.

Also, this past weekend, Saturday night to be exact, I got drunk for the first time. Epic experience. And one item on my bucket list checked off. 🙂

That’s all for now!

Mothers! Ugh!

Is it just my mother or do all mothers try to hook their child up with someone? I just broke up with my x (had no choice) last tuesday and already mom is trying to hook me up with someone… Apparently, his first name is after someone in the Bible and she figures that because of that, it means he is a Godly man.. A guy’s name doesn’t make him who he is. I know a guy named Luke and he is a jerk who is only after sex.. Now, what does that mean? Just because someone is named after someone heroic or Godly does not make that person heroic or Godly. 

And I am still in love with my x.. so I am definitely not ready to date someone so soon. I haven’t been single for two weeks. Ugh. Thanks mom for caring about your daughter’s feelings. And for staying out of her personal life. I understand she wants to like the guy I date but usually when she finds a guy for me, he is all sweet to her face (well duh! he is putting on a show!) but he is a jerk to me.. Just because he is nice to you, an elder, does not mean he is nice to your daughter. 

Hobbies in place of him

I have got to get over him. And I’ve got to get my mind off of him because if I think of him, I hurt. So I am planning to do that list that I made not too long ago, in place of texting him. I wanna do the things, take up those hobbies, in place of him. Get my mind off of him by doing the things that I want to do. I’ll probably have to start tonight or tomorrow while I’m at work or Sunday while I’m at work because I’ll be bored as heck at work. :/

Me and my Broken Heart

The worst moment is that I just realized that the guy I’ve been in love with for a year is probably not the man for me. And for the first time since we have been on and off for a little over a year, I ended it. 😰 I’m already regretting it… Not sure what to do now… It’s always been him..

So Much, Too Little Time


This semester of classes really took my time. I have never been so stressed or so busy in my college career. Last semester I was busy with the sorority but I didn’t have busy classes so it wasn’t so bad. But this semester, the sorority stuff died down, but my classes kicked in! There are just sooo many things I want to do but I never have time for them! So, I figured I would make a list so that when the semester is finally over, I can look back on this post and check off all these things that I plan on doing them in the summer.

  • Scrapbooking
  • Crafting (Pinterest Stuff)
  • A picture a day (I bought an app to help with this. I have yet to use it for a week)
  • Coding
  • Photography (just taking pictures)
  • Writing (I love to get Prompts to write from)
  • Researching (I really love researching topics that I am interested in)
  • Traveling (I don’t have time or money for it)
  • Seeing Concerts (I love watching concerts!)
  • Working Out (Another app I bought to help do this :/)
  • Geocaching (I love to travel and find stuff)
  • Reading (I used to read daily and last year I read 100 books between January and February!)
  • App development (I have an idea for an app and I want it to come alive)
  • Collecting (I have all these things that I collect.. I want to make the collections more abundant!) (I collect: keychains from concerts, smashed pennies, jump drives, and coozies)
  • Design (make my own images on photoshop to use on here as well as my own website)
  • Organize (I want to know every piece of clothing I own. I also want to figure out all the movies and books I own. I want to also organize my room/closet to make sure my room is all nice and neat.)
  • Learn Calligraphy
  • Make my own jewelry (pinterest again.. ha)

Better Girlfriend

I have been on and off with the same guy for a little over a year (it was a year December 14th). I have always been in love with him. He was the one that finally had to figure out that he really did love me. He ended it more than twice over the course of a year but he always came back. According to my mom, it’s because he found someone better but when she didn’t want him, he came back to me. I would like to believe otherwise. We are long distance and officially have never met (mom does not know that). 

But we are dating again. And this time, it has lasted longer than the other times. I would like for it to continue. But right now, he is “kind of” happy with us and with me. And it frightens me. I can’t be just friends with him. I cannot. All those times that we were “off” killed me. I could never move on. I struggled with trying to move on but never being able to get over him. I flirted with guys, went on some dates, but was always texting him. I couldn’t let him go. I still can’t. That’s why I am trying to figure out how to make him happy with us again. 

I know I need to fix some things. Like the way that I nag him about stuff. Or the way that when we have nothing to say to each other, I still insist on us talking which he hates. And I need to make sure I give him his own time too. But then what else? How do I fix this? I am struggling to keep it together now as I type because the thought of losing him is unbearable so of course the thought of him being “kind of” happy does not help at all. 

I gotta figure out to fix it. 

I gotta quit nagging him. But I don’t really know what I nag him about.. 

I do have my own hobbies but when I do mine, he is never doing his, and he complains saying I don’t put him first. But I do. And I don’t know what to do because when I try to have my own hobbies (he said I needed to) but when I do, he gets mad, or hates on them or he says I am wasting my time (for example, I have taken up horseback riding. I love it. But he thinks it’s stupid unless I am ever going to own a horse <<I want too! But I have always wanted to horseback ride but my mom never let me so I have now started because I can pay for them on my own. But he hates it. So, I try to go while he is in class instead of when he isn’t.) 

But honestly, I don’t know what to do. I can’t stand the fact that he isn’t all the way happy with us… 


well..i had a post here.. and somehow it disappeared.. I’m not very happy about that..I typed a lot of words.. And I went to publish it.. and it said published and then I went to view it.. and it was blank… All those words.. POOF! GONE! Very disappointing.. So this is what you get instead..I am not retyping that again. ….