When You Love Someone

1. You seek their company (spend time with them)

2. You talk for hours (talking and listening)

3. You pray for them

4. You think about them

5. You become best friends

6. You discuss issues of life

7. You have a servant’s heart about them

**You will love the ones you seek out.**


When what you do becomes a habit or duty, the love wanes. 


Stated above is a list that was made in my small group at Church. 

I realized that I do love people (friends) but I don’t do all that is required for loving someone. I also realized that the ex that I am still in love with, I remember him mentioning how talking to me became a habit and maybe that’s why he quit loving me. We would talk for hours but we didn’t spend any time together, physically. I claimed he was my best friend but I wasn’t his towards the end. I’m slacking in my duties to my friends that I love. 

But this works with any relationship that you have: parents, friends, siblings, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, grandparents, mentor, etc. 

Do you feel as if this list is correct? Would you add anything else to it? Comment below on your thoughts. 


I’m too nice

I do believe that I am too nice. When guys who I don’t like, either because they are weird or because I have a boyfriend (both pertain to the guy I will talk about in this post), they ask me to eat lunch or ask for my number, I cannot say no. And then I feel weirded out or creeped out when they text me or ask me to lunch..
For example, today, I was waiting to get advised before I need to register for classes. He came in the room because my advisor is his teacher and he needed to make up a quiz. He asked me to lunch and told me his name. When he shook my hand, he kissed it. Well I didn’t say yes to lunch but I didn’t say no either. My advisor called for me and then after I was finished, I came out and he was waiting on me… Then he was like “let’s go to lunch”… We talked on the way there and we found out we had a mutual friend (turns out she says he is weird too and was the one who told me to so what I did, which I now feel bad about..). We went to lunch. I started doing my paper because I was planning on working on it between advising and my class because I just have a ton of papers due all around the same time and I wanted to get a head start. And so he kept saying how I was quiet.. Well yeah, I’m doing my paper!! But I had to get something out of my backpack and I leaned down to get it and my hair fell in my face and he moved it to behind my ear.. And then our mutual friend walked in and she laughed because of the situation I was in and she was like “we all avoid him, he is weird. when he gets up for another plate of food, and he will, you just gotta run out the door.” Well he did get another plate of food.. And then she told me to run… And I did because I did feel awkward during that lunch thing especially because I do have a boyfriend.. But then as soon as I got outside the building.. I felt bad.. And I still do… I mean I should, right? But then again, I just met the guy and he was already weirding me out … I just don’t know how to handle those type of situations. I mean I shouldn’t have gotten myself in that situation but I felt bad and didn’t want to hurt his feelings…… But I mean ugh…
Because this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.. And honestly, it prob won’t be the last.. Although, I hope I will learn and just start being mean.
Hey, I just realized, I’m like all those girls who go on dates and then say they have to use the bathroom and go out the bathroom window… Great….