Who will replace Will Muschamp?

Since, Will Muschamp was fired from Florida, there have been many speculations about who will take his place. Every time a coach leaves or gets fired from a school, speculations start happening. And they almost ALWAYS involve coaches and/or coordinators from other colleges. When it all comes down to it, it’s basically which college will pay the most money for the coach that they want?

The candidates that have been mentioned are as follows:

  1. Dan Mullen, Mississippi State’s head coach
  2. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina’s head coach

Now, why would these two coaches be good candidates for this position?

Let’s start with Dan Mullen.

He was offensive coordinator for the Gators under Urban Meyer when they went to the national championship with Tim Tebow.

Mississippi State has been playing very well this season. Going into almost every game, they have been favored to win. Even with their loss against Alabama, they were the underdogs and many of the SEC fans were rooting for them just because they are tired of Alabama winning all the time. If Alabama were to lose to Auburn (which I hope we don’t), then Mississippi State would have the SEC West won.

In his six years of coaching, he has gone to 4 bowls. Out of those 4 bowls, he won 3 of them.

He has been with a single team, Mississippi State, all six years. Meaning, he knows what it takes for you to be successful in the SEC. The SEC is one of the most competitive conferences and every year, one team is so good that it makes it to the National Championship against either another SEC team or someone from another conference. It has been awhile (2005) since an SEC hasn’t made it to the National Championship and Mullen knows that. I believe that he knows what makes a great team in the SEC especially now since Mississippi State has became better in the last few years.

He has won 45 games in his career and lost 29 games.

Next, Steve Spurrier.

In his twenty-five years of coaching, he has made it to twenty bowl games.

He was the Coach for Duke for three years, Florida for twelve, and South Carolina for the last ten years.

As the head coach of Florida, he went to eleven bowl games and won six of them.

He has won the ACC Coach of the year twice and the SEC Coach of the year five times.

He has won 224 games in his career and lost 84.

When he was coaching at Florida, he led them to a National title in 1996 and the quarterback won the Heisman.

He has said that he isn’t happy with South Carolina’s defense.

His win-lose record for each college he has coached at has been as follows:

  1. Duke – W (20) L (13)
  2. Florida – W (122) L (27)
  3. South Carolina – W (82) L (44)

He turns 70 years old on April 20. Since, he was a great coach at Florida and the fact that he is from Florida, and retiring might be in his future.. Florida would be a great final place to coach.

So, what do you think? Could it be Steve Spurrier or Dan Mullen? Or is it someone I haven’t mentioned? Let me know in the comments.


So Much, Too Little Time


This semester of classes really took my time. I have never been so stressed or so busy in my college career. Last semester I was busy with the sorority but I didn’t have busy classes so it wasn’t so bad. But this semester, the sorority stuff died down, but my classes kicked in! There are just sooo many things I want to do but I never have time for them! So, I figured I would make a list so that when the semester is finally over, I can look back on this post and check off all these things that I plan on doing them in the summer.

  • Scrapbooking
  • Crafting (Pinterest Stuff)
  • A picture a day (I bought an app to help with this. I have yet to use it for a week)
  • Coding
  • Photography (just taking pictures)
  • Writing (I love to get Prompts to write from)
  • Researching (I really love researching topics that I am interested in)
  • Traveling (I don’t have time or money for it)
  • Seeing Concerts (I love watching concerts!)
  • Working Out (Another app I bought to help do this :/)
  • Geocaching (I love to travel and find stuff)
  • Reading (I used to read daily and last year I read 100 books between January and February!)
  • App development (I have an idea for an app and I want it to come alive)
  • Collecting (I have all these things that I collect.. I want to make the collections more abundant!) (I collect: keychains from concerts, smashed pennies, jump drives, and coozies)
  • Design (make my own images on photoshop to use on here as well as my own website)
  • Organize (I want to know every piece of clothing I own. I also want to figure out all the movies and books I own. I want to also organize my room/closet to make sure my room is all nice and neat.)
  • Learn Calligraphy
  • Make my own jewelry (pinterest again.. ha)